We are grateful to the artists who participated in the interviews for this online catalogue, and we appreciate their assistance, as well as that of the collectors, dealers, and distributors who kindly offered their services to bring this project to fruition.

The exhibition and programs are made possible in part by the University’s Cultural Affairs Committee and funds from the Louis S. Booth Arts Fund. Additional support has been provided by grants from the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and the Austrian Cultural Forum, Washington, DC.

We would like to thank the following people for their support throughout the development of this exhibition, related programs, and online catalogue:

Nathan Altice, Richmond, VA
Josée Bienvenu and Alita Giacone, Josée Bienvenu Gallery, New York
Jonathon Carroll and Diana Stevenson, London

Younghee Choi, Seoul
Dana Greenidge, Boston
Sue Johnson, St. Mary’s College, Maryland
Ulf Kallscheidt, Switzerland
Jessica Lang, Jessica Lang Dance, New York
Jeffrey Lee and Derek Piech, Mary Ryan Gallery, New York
Laura Leffler, Bruce Silverstein Gallery, New York
Gil Leung, LUX, London
Robert Lizardy, San Francisco
Rachel Nackman, New York
Amy Sande-Friedman and Aaron Simonton, Von Lintel Gallery, New York
Steven Sacks and Lucy Ross, bitforms gallery, New York
Kellee Santiago, Indie Fund, Los Angeles
Sundaram Tagore, Julia Occhiogrosso, and Benjamin Rosenblatt, Sundaram Tagore Gallery, New York
Emi Taniguchi, New York
Lauren Vincelli and Will Blanton, RVA Game Jams, Richmond, VA
Sarah Walzer, Salon 94 Bowery, New York

And from the University of Richmond:

Mark J. Beatty, Electrician II, University Facilities
Mavis Brown, Associate Professor of Education
Carolyn Burruss, Interior Design Manager
Emily Cobb, Director of Multi-faith Initiatives, University Chaplaincy
Nancy Colon, International Taxation Officer
Myra Daleng, Director of Dance
Pam Harper, Manager, Telecom and Multimedia Services
Sarah Matheson, ’13, studio art major and art history minor
Robert S. McAdams, Program Coordinator, Joan Oates Institute for Partners in the Arts
Robert K. Nelson, Director, Digital Scholarship Lab
Hil Scott, Media Production Coordinator, Information Services
Phil Sherman, Senior Engineer, Telecom and Multimedia Services
Johann Stegmeir, Associate Professor of Theatre
Schuyler Swartout, ’11, philosophy major
Diana Vincelli, Director of Grant Support, Foundation, Corporate, and Government Relations
Doug West, Vice President, Telecom and Multimedia Services

University of Richmond Museums

Heather Campbell, Curator of Museum Programs
Katreena Clark, Operations Manager
Denisse De Leon, Coordinator of Museum Visitor and Tour Services
Stephen Duggins, Museum Preparator
Henley Guild, Museum Preparator
David Hershey, Assistant Collections Manager
Matthew Houle, Curator of Museum Collections
N. Elizabeth Schlatter, Deputy Director and Curator of Exhibitions
Richard Waller, Executive Director